Genetics and shikoku black an tan

Hello all, I would love to speak with you about my experience with genetics and shikoku black an tan.

I'm not a genetic specialist so if anyone of you are more inside with this tematic (for sure a lot my collegue breeders) please correct me if i write a mess.

As far as Black an Tan shikoku are not SO RARE.

All depends on which combination you are doing in your mating.

that's because: Sesame color is very complex!

the basics are:

- ay is red gene

- at is black gene

- aw is called agouti

- phenotype is the char that appeare in your dog (in this case the color you are looking on your dog)


So we can have:

1) ay ay (red) -phenotype-> only red

2) ay at (red black carried) -phenotype-> that's the point some dogs CAN appeare sesame, they have some dark in the face, but the black is stopped before arrive btw the ears, and if mated with other dog ayat you can have black and tan puppies

3) ay aw (red sesame carried) -phenotype-> red or 'more real sesame' the dark on the face in usually is more homogeneous

4) aw aw (sesame) -phenotype-> only sesame 

5) aw at (sesame black carried) -phenotype-> all the dogs who appeare kuro sesame but very darker in usually

6) at at (black an tan) -phenotype-> only black and tan


So in my kennel I have 2 lines who are ayat dogs so i had many many black and tan, in my experience a good number of them are going to be a bit less energy on the birth if compared with other puppies.

I'm not meaning that black an tan shikoku are problematic dogs, we can find a lot of them in healthy and very friendly, I'm only saying that they are at risk to carried some issue not visible by eyes, being more delicate in neonatal period, and died after some days after birth without any visible motivation that's decrease the numbers of shikoku black an tan alive equals black an tan shikoku looks RARE.


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